• Canadian Experience Class

    Canada Immigration for business owners

  • Skilled Worker Class

    Canada Immigration for skilled workers

  • Family Class

    Canada Immigration for family members

  • Quebec Immigration

    Canada Immigration for Quebec province

  • Work Permit & Study Permit

    Canada Immigration for Students and work permits

For years, Canada has been rated as one of the best countries in the world to live and to start a business. Canada has one of the highest economic growths of all the G7 countries. As a member of the North America Free Trade Agreement, Canada has access to the world’s richest economy, the United States of America.

The Canadian government encourages qualified persons to apply for permanent residence in Canada. Those who succeed can enjoy the benefits of living in Canada, travel freely, and in due course, become Canadian citizens. Immigrant Visas are given to qualified skilled workers, businesspersons, and to close family members of Canadian citizens and permanent residents. Nevertheless, the process of qualifying can be complex and delicate. The Law Office of Dr. Naser Abedi will help you avoid fatal errors and present your best possible case.

The first step is to determine whether you can immigrate to Canada. If so, under which category may you apply? Canada has several categories or pathways to reach permanent residence. Based on the information you provide, we will advise you which category or categories match your situation. You may be limited to a single choice or you may have multiple choices. You may have a promising background that requires some enhancements. Dr. Abedi will help you make this analysis.

Getting Started:

Dr. Abedi will review your case and advise you regarding the following:

  • Help you understand alternatives, resolve issues and decide on a suitable action plan.
  • Recommend the Canadian immigration category or type of visa most suitable for you.
  • Supply you with a comprehensive package of materials including instructions, checklists, questionnaires and other documents to prepare your application.
  • Prepare and submit your application and report to you.
  • Monitor the progress of your application and provide you with ongoing consultation, advice and reports.
  • Respond to further requirements and issues as they arise.
  • Where appropriate, submit and support a request on your behalf for waiver of interview.
  • Help you prepare for your interview if one is required.
  • Give you additional support as needed, such as arrangements for an interpreter.
  • Assist with any matters which may arise from or after your interview.
  • Advise you about the landing procedure mid-settlement in Canada.
  • Assist you to remove any conditions attached to your visa or landing document.
  • Following your immigration, provide the legal assistance you need to start and operate a business, acquire property, make other investments, etc.